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Will The City Of New Orleans Lose Another NBA Superstar?

In the next 4 to 5 years the New Orleans Pelicans will once again face the dilemma of another superstar leaving the “Big Easy” for the bigger markets in the NBA. “The Brow” known as Anthony Davis is the Pelicans top star who has the team in the midst of a battle for the 8th seed in the Western Conference playoff race with the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Unlike previous number one picks in the draft Davis has lived up to his potential. He’s not a role player that you typically find in today’s draft he is a flat out superstar that landed right in the hands of the Pelicans organization.

If you have followed professional basketball in New Orleans religiously you noticed that the Hornets/Pelicans have lost star players such as Baron Davis, and Chris Paul. Readers of this article will probably say remarks such as “it’s too early to be talking about Davis future in New Orleans.” However it should be bought up because it’s one of the harsh realities of playing in a small market such as the City Of New Orleans. Even though those players that were mentioned earlier left New Orleans for greener pastures they did not win a championship for their perspective ball clubs.

Baron Davis is currently a free agent and Chris Paul has yet to lead the Los Angeles Clippers past the Western Conference Semi-Finals of the playoffs. The old saying “The Grass Is Much Greener on the Other Side” definitely applies to those two stars. In order to keep Davis in New Orleans for the next seven to ten years the Pelicans must surround Davis with legitimate complimentary players and use free agency wisely.

They must also utilize the NBA Draft to their advantage as well. The later picks in the draft are a potential gold mine for contending teams such as the Pelicans. New Orleans is not the only city that may lose their superstars via free agency. In the next two years the Oklahoma City Thunder may very well lose both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to bigger markets such as Washington D.C. and Los Angeles to name a few.

If this was twenty years ago players such as Anthony Davis and Kevin Durant would most likely stay with their perspective franchises for years to come. However times have changed, we are in the days of stars coming together and forming trios to win championships right now. Unlike the NFL where free agency signings can be a hit or miss, in the NBA it’s all about the star. A team that finishes dead last in the Eastern Conference can drastically improve with the addition of adding a perennial star to their roster along with the front office having tons of money to spend on complimentary players.

As of right now the Pelicans big three consists of Anthony Davis, Eric Gordon, and Tyreke Evans. On paper it sounds like a formidable trio but if the Pelicans front office feels like they can find better pieces to put around Davis then you can expect one of those guards to be traded in the future. The Pelicans front office better start thinking about how they can build a better core of weapons around Davis right now even if they do not make the playoffs this year because his free agency window will be here sooner than later.

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