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Will the Bridgewater to Treadwell Connection Take the Vikings to Another Level?


Throughout their 47 year history, the Minnesota Vikings have had dynamic playmakers at the wide receiver position. You can trace back to names such as Ahmad Rashad, Chris Carter, and Randy Moss. We are in the year 2016, and the Vikings could have another playmaker at the wide receiver position in their arsenal.

With the 22nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, the Vikings front office made the decision to select Laquon Treadwell out of the University of Mississippi. I am not trying to say that this guy will turn out like Randy Moss, but 18 years ago the Vikings selected Randy with the 21st pick in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Treadwell upside is somewhat similar to what Moss was coming out of the University of Marshall. Treadwell will become up a much-needed upgrade for the Vikings at the wide receiver position. We witnessed what wide receiver Stefon Diggs can do with the football when quarterback Teddy Bridgewater can complete passes efficiently.

However, the biggest gripe for scouts in regards to Teddy Bridgewater was that he is not able to throw the football down the field successfully. If the team that you root for play in the NFC North, you better hope that your quarterback is not afraid to throw the football deep in cold weather. Teams such as the Bears, Packers, and Lions have quarterbacks that can accomplish those tasks.

I watched a couple of Bridgewater’s home games when the Vikings played outdoors at TCF Bank Stadium. He struggled significantly, to throw the football in harsh weather conditions to Stefon Diggs. The Vikes would go on to take the NFC North Division Title in 2015, but it was mainly because of their stout defense and the legs of All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.

However, there will come a time that the Vikings defense will not be up to par, and the wear and tear could finally catch up with Adrian Peterson. When situations like those mentioned occurring, Laquon Treadwell’s presence could elevate the Vikings offense. Treadwell could change the outcome of a lot of games for the Vikings if Teddy Bridgewater can become a successful quarterback throwing from the pocket.

Treadwell listed at 6’2” 221 lbs could be the physical specimen that the Vikings organization has not seen since the days of Randy Moss. On top of that, the Vikings will have the advantage of once again playing indoors on a fast track when the team starts playing their home games in the brand new U.S. Bank Stadium.

The benefit of playing with a retractable roof could mask some of the deficiencies that Bridgewater may have throwing the football deep. The Vikes could have the “Twin Cities” excited like it was 1998 all over again if Stefon Diggs and Laquon Treadwell can get on the same sheet of music along with their starting quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.


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