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Will Josh Norman Get the Last Laugh Against Carolina Tonight?

After being given the opportunity to entertain offers from other teams, Washington cornerback, Josh Norman will have a chance to get the last laugh against his former team the Carolina Panthers tonight on ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The Panthers defense is clearly not the same without Norman’s presence in the lineup. The Panthers has dropped to 22nd in the league in total defense.

You can say what you want about Norman and his swagger, but the guy believes he is an impact player on defense. His statistics may not show that, but the Panthers defense is clearly missing something from the previous season. They are also not going to the playoffs for the first time since the 2012 season.

As for Josh Norman and the “The Skins,” they are in the midst of a playoff race in which everything can go in their favor with a victory over the Panthers tonight. Washington is currently the projected 6th seed in the NFC Playoff Picture. To go along with this evening’s big game, Norman has already taken shots at the Panthers this season.

At the conclusion of Week 4, Josh made the infamous “you get what you pay for” remark after Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones torched Carolina’s secondary for 300 receiving yards. The “get what you pay for” comment is an indicator that Norman has not gotten over the Panthers front office not allowing him to respond to the offer that was presented to him a few months ago.

With that being said, there will be a lot on the line in tonight’s big game against the Carolina Panthers. Will Josh Norman let the emotions of playing his former team run too high in this evening’s matchup? If Washington loses this game, people will point to Norman’s eagerness to get some revenge on his former team as a contributor to them not winning against Carolina.


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