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Which Teams Desperately Need the Services of Kirk Cousins?

After the Washington Redskins front office decided to trade for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith a few weeks ago, Kirk Cousins is now on the market. Tops Sports list five teams that could definitely use the help of this highly touted signal caller.


1. Denver Broncos

How many times have you heard folks say “if the Broncos could just get a solid quarterback to go along with their defense they would become instant Super Bowl contenders.” There is some truth to that, but I do not believe their defense is at the levels to where they carried the team to the Super Bowl back in 2015.

They now need a quarterback that is capable of elevating the offense as Peyton Manning did in his first three seasons in Denver. Cousins could be that guy that can help revive the career of wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. You can expect Broncos Team President John Elway to have something up his sleeve during free agency period in March.


2. Cleveland Browns

It is rumored that the Redskins are willing to hit Cousins with the franchise tag for the third time which would allow him to be traded. A franchise that comes to mind that would jump all over this is the Cleveland Browns. They have the 1st overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft.

If the Browns offered up the 1st overall pick in the draft in exchange for the services of Kirk Cousins, it could shape up things significantly in regards to selecting quarterbacks Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen. Browns general manager John Dorsey better proceed with caution when it comes to making moves of this magnitude.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars

Even though they did not advance to the Super Bowl, the Jacksonville Jaguars field one of the best rosters going into the 2018 season. However, they are missing one crucial piece. That essential part is the quarterback position to get them over the hump.

The Jaguars signing Cousins would be a massive upgrade over current starter Blake Bortles. With Kirk Cousins under center as the Jaguars starting quarterback, they would be heavy favorites to repeat as AFC South Champions in 2018.


4. Arizona Cardinals

The Bruce Arians Era officially ended in “The Desert” after he announced that he was retiring from coaching at the end of the 2017 season. During that era, the Cardinals were taken to heights that we had never seen in their history. Under his watch, Arians revived the career of former number one overall pick Carson Palmer. Along with Coach Arians, Palmer decided to retire from playing football.

No one knows if wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald will walk away from football along with Arians and Palmer. But if he does come back with a quarterback under center like Kirk Cousins, the Cardinals will become a significant threat in the NFC once again.


5. New York Jets

Let’s be honest the New York Jets had not had a franchise quarterback since the days of when Joe Namath was under center. I say that because I have quietly observed this franchise for over 20 years. They do a good job drafting players that can contribute on the defensive side of the ball, but they have made some poor decisions when it comes to the quarterback position.

One thing that you can give head coach Todd Bowles credit on is that the Jets were in a lot of close games in 2017. However, going into 2018, Bowles must lead this team to the playoffs, or he will be joining the “Black Monday” crew.

If the Jets front office can sign Kirk Cousins to a massive deal and he is able to lead them deep into the playoffs, and a possible Super Bowl run, then he will go down as a cult hero among Jets fans. However, I think they should keep Josh McCown as the backup quarterback going into next season if they are going to make a run at Cousins.


Photo Courtesy of Sports Illustrated


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Derrick Branch is the founder and lead writer of Tops Sports.Com. He is a die-hard sports fan and keeps it 100 on all things that involve the NFL, NBA, NCAA Football.
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