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What Does The Deflate-Gate Scandal Say About The NFL?

Have you ever wondered if the some of the recent events in the National Football League were scripted? I say that because the league is starting to act like professional wrestling. Those of you who are WWE enthusiast know that its 99 percent fake. Everything that happens in the world of professional wrestling is scripted except the injuries that may occur in matches. If you remember around the same time last year Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman made the infamous “Michael Crabtree Rant” at the end of last year’s NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Like always the day after the conference title games is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The next day Sherman’s remarks would be the talk of the town, it made you wondered if it was Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Richard Sherman Day in America. Major outlets such as CNN, Fox News Network, and so many others covered the “Michael Crabtree Rant” for about a week until the focus shifted on playing the actual Super Bowl itself.

Now we have another controversial event that will lead right up to the Super Bowl. On the day after the AFC Championship Game between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts it was reported that 11 of the 12 footballs used in the contest were deflated “significantly below” requirements source. Bill Belichick and Tom Brady recently denied that they did not have any involvement in the balls being deflated during the game against the Colts. My question is this. If Belichick or Brady did not have any knowledge of this than who did? Who would be sick enough to deflate 11 footballs in order to give the home team the advantage?

That’s why I believe that the recent happenings in the National Football League maybe scripted. It’s almost like league commissioner Rodger Goodell met with Brady and Belichick to discuss the outcome of the AFC Championship match up. Along with the previous incidents that have occurred with players in the National Football League such as domestic violence issues, run- ins with the law, this recent scandal will be another black eye to the image of one of the greatest sports league that the world has ever seen.

Here is another question that you should ponder. Do you think that commissioner Rodger Goodell is enjoying all of this attention that the league is receiving right now? Believe it or not, either negative or positive attention that the NFL receives is still a ratings boost for the major media outlets and the National Football League itself. Many of you already know that the more ratings that products such as the NFL or the NBA receives also means more revenue as well.

Right now we should be talking about the Super Bowl XLIX matchup between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots however we are stuck wondering if footballs of all things were deflated in one of the most lopsided conference championship games I have seen in years. Many analyst and radio show host around the country are stating that tactics such as “Bounty Gate”, “Spy Gate,” and now “Deflate- Gate” happen all the time. Just because coaches and players get away with it that does not make it right. If it was the right thing to do then why do guys like Saints head coach Sean Payton and defensive coordinator Greg Williams got punished for their actions in the “Bounty Gate” Scandal that occurred during the 2009 season.

I no way am I accusing the Patriots organization of ordering the equipment manager of intentionally inflating the footballs last week. I am a firm believer in being innocent before proven guilty however somebody must pay for their actions last Sunday whether it is the Patriots organization as a whole or the knucklehead that thought it was cool to go ahead and give the Pats an edge in last Sundays AFC Championship Game.

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