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What Attributes Should Coaches and GM’s Look For When Drafting An NFL Quarterback?


The 2016 NFL Draft is approximately three weeks away, and there are a few quarterbacks that are on the radar of a few head coaches and General Managers around the National Football League. In today’s post, I will list at least three attributes that head coaches and team executives should look for when drafting an NFL starting quarterback.


1. Leadership

Before I go any further, having the ability to lead a football team through the good times and the tough times needs to be on the agenda of any head coach that is thinking about drafting a quarterback. Leadership at the quarterback position is a crucial element in regards to a team’s success. A quarterback may not have the best arm strength in the world or the ability to leave the pocket, but if he can galvanize the team in times of need, those other attributes won’t even matter.


2. Ability to Throw the Football Deep in Harsh Weather Conditions

I believe that in today’s National Football League, a franchise quarterback must be able to perform at a high level in any given terrain. To make that happen, he must have the arm strength that is needed to make crucial plays down the stretch. An example of what I am talking about is Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is the type of quarterback that can throw the football deep in any weather condition.


3. Leave the Pocket and Make Plays

From now on, I believe that a head coach and a General Manager should pay close attention to how quickly can a signal caller leave the pocket and be successful while doing it. For those that watched the 2015/2016 AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Broncos, we witnessed Tom Brady being pressured like never before in the pocket. Due to his inability to escape Vaughn Miller and DeMarcus Ware, the future Hall of Famer could not find his groove against the vaunted Denver Broncos defense. I am not saying that a quarterback needs to escape from the pocket and run for a 40 yard gain like Cam Newton or Russell Wilson, he needs to have at least the ability to juke defenders and pick up first downs if necessary. Quarterbacks will not face horrible defenses like the New Orleans Saints had every Sunday.


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