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Tops Sports Memorabilia Player of the Week: Marshawn Lynch


The Seattle Seahawks were in an intense battle with the New York Giants until Marshawn Lynch took control of ball game by rushing for 140 yards and four touchdowns. This man continues to amaze me in an era that is trying to make the running game nonexistent. Lynch is the type of tail back that usually breaks down at his age due to the physical ponding that he takes.

Everyone fails to realize that the hallmark to every great team is a successful running game. With that win it put the Seahawks within two games of the NFC West leading Arizona Cardinals who currently have the best record in the National Football League.

Both teams have will be facing potential playoff contenders in the following weeks which could determine if home field advantage will belong to the NFC West once again in January. The Seahawks will need Beast mode’s services in those critical matchups down the stretch.

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