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Tops Sports.Com Player of the Week: Le’Veon Bell

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell was sensational in last Sunday’s victory against division rival the Cincinnati Bengals. Bell ran for 185 yards rushing and 50 yards receiving, that led to a total of 235 yards from scrimmage. Bell also became the first running back since the late Walter Payton to have a combined total of the 200 + all-purpose yards in three consecutive ball games. Besides quarterback Ben Roethlisberger Bell is the Steelers primary weapon on offense.

You all should know that with every great quarterback there is also a solid running game to compliment him in times of need. Bell is quickly turning into one of the league’s brightest stars as the Steelers are battling for the AFC North Title.

If Bell got seriously injured in the following weeks the Steelers can forget about making the playoffs or having a shot at the AFC North crown. A back like this in my opinion is irreplaceable. Not too many tailbacks are capable of what Bell is doing this year.

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