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The Unfair Narrative Against Mike Tomlin

Over the years, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin has been labeled as being a coach that is too relaxed with his players that are on his current roster. It has even gone to the extent that certain members of the media are stating that certain individuals are afraid to call out Tomlin and his relaxed behavior towards his players because of the color of his skin. Listen to what FS1’s Jason Whitlock said on The Herd back in 2016.


To me, members of the media being afraid to criticize Tomlin’s shortcomings because he is black is straight-up ridiculous. I believe that it is more about Coach Tomlin’s resume as the Steelers head coach that has prevented him from receiving harsh criticism that the media can give out to a lot of underachieving coaches.

Under Tomlin’s guidance, the Steelers have appeared in the postseason on seven different occasions along with two Super Bowl appearances included. Fast forward to 2017 and here is another shot being fired at Mike Tomlin for being “too comfortable” with his players. Listen to what some of the guys on FS1’s Speak For Yourself had to say in regards to the Le’Veon Bell holdout situation starting at 00:29.

However, in Seattle, you have a coach in Pete Carroll who lets his players express themselves as they choose, but he receives no backlash from mainstream media because “it’s the way they are up there” in Seattle.

The same should be said about Mike Tomlin as Steelers head coach. Every successful head coach in the National Football League has their own leadership style when it comes to addressing issues inside the locker room; Mike Tomlin’s way is no different.

My criticism of Mike Tomlin primarily focuses on his team’s on the field performance rather than what occurs inside his locker room. Tomlin has the personnel on his roster to dethrone the New England Patriots in the AFC but has failed to do so lately.


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