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The Tennessee Titans Are Better Than What Their Record Indicates

The Tennessee Titans throttled the Jacksonville Jaguars 36-22 on Thursday Night Football last night. The Titans improved their record to 4-4 and are now in 2nd place in the AFC South. However, the Titans are far better than what their 4-4 record indicates. They were only a few plays away from having a 7-1 record right now. The team somewhat reminds me of how the New England Patriots operate on the offensive side of the ball.

The Patriots are not a team that put up points by throwing the football down the field on a consistent basis. Instead, they destroy opposing defenses by short passes to their receivers, and the tight end plays a significant role in their offense. Like the Patriots, the Titans have a similar scheme, but their running game can do some severe damage as well.

Offseason acquisition DeMarrco Murray had reverted to his Dallas Cowboys form when he rushed for over 1,800 in the 2014 season. As of right now, Murray has rushed for 756 yards through the first eight games of the season. It is imperative that Murray remains healthy down the stretch because he will be needed for the Titans to win the AFC South Title.

For the Titans to stay afloat in the AFC South, they must stay consistent on a weekly basis and defeat the teams that are on their schedule. They have demonstrated that they are capable of competing with some of the best teams in the AFC, they just have to close the deal at the end.

The next three opponents on the Titans schedule are the San Diego Chargers, Green Bay Packers, and the Indianapolis Colts. All three of those games are winnable for the Titans. I also believe that those three games will determine the Titans season. If the Titans can go 3-0 against the opponents that I mentioned, they will win the AFC South.

The team is far better equipped to make a postseason run than division favorites, the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts. The time is now for this football team, they have a franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota, who has learned the ins and outs of a pro-style offense quicker than what football experts thought he would.

For the folks who said Andrew Luck and the Colts would dominate the AFC South on a consistent basis need to think again. Peyton Manning is not coming through those doors anytime soon. Marcus Mariota and the Titans will be standing in the way of the Colts and Texans playoff hopes.


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