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The Seattle Seahawks Will Come Crashing Down To Earth Very Soon

According to Jason Cole of the Bleacher Report, Russell Wilson wants to become the highest-paid player in the National Football League. However, should the Seahawks mortgage the future of the Seahawks roster to pay Wilson? This situation is similar to what happened down in Baltimore a few seasons ago. Quarterback Joe Flacco demanded a max contract after he led the Ravens to their second Super Bowl title in team history.

Many analyst and radio personalities stated that Flacco did not deserve that kind of money because he was not on the level of a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady. In the offseason of 2013, the Ravens front office went ahead and resigned Flacco to a six-year $120 million dollar contract with $52 million guaranteed.

Due to the Ravens signing Flacco to that enormous contract, they would begin to lose some of their core players. Could the same situation hit the Seahawks organization? Russell Wilson should be paid a lot of money, but how much should he be paid? Wilson has led the Seahawks to three consecutive playoff appearances that included two trips to the Super Bowl.

There are many analysts around the league, who believes that Wilson’s success is based on what that vaunted defense and running game have done in times of need. That’s why Wilson’s situation is similar to what Flacco was going through in 2013. It is very easy to mask a quarterbacks flaws when you have a top-tier defense such as the Seahawks has. Could you imagine what somebody like Drew Brees could have done with a defense such as Seattle’s?

The Seahawks would probably have their second Super Bowl title by now. Unlike Wilson, Brees has far more experience in dealing with goal line situations late in the fourth quarter. The day is coming for Wilson when he will have to make something out of nothing, and not have that stellar defense to bail him out. Signal callers such as Drew Brees and Tom Brady have been in this situation for years now. Except Randy Moss, Tom Brady has never had a legitimate number one receiver in his arsenal.

Drew Brees had a tight end as his number one target for the last five seasons in New Orleans. He has only had a top 5 defense only once during his time in New Orleans. That’s why the Seahawks front office is being very careful in dealing with Wilson’s contract situation. They are apprehensive that Wilson may never become a top 5 passer in the league once those pieces on defense start to depart. A possible jump in the salary cap could become a major issue for Wilson if he decides to take less money now.

Their biggest problem is to allow this issue to drag on into the regular season and to allow a salary-cap jump to create space that would justify paying Wilson what he demands. Like I previously stated, the time will come when Wilson will need to produce a 400-yard passing game and not have an elite defense to compliment him. Only then will we know if Wilson deserves Aaron Rodgers money. The ball is in the Seahawks front office’s court.


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4 thoughts on “The Seattle Seahawks Will Come Crashing Down To Earth Very Soon

  1. I believe that he is worth some money, but not the highest paid though. And as in anything, money is the root of all evil or in this potential case, the crumbling of a team. Money can make you and break you and it has the potential to do either in this situation.

    1. That’s why I want to see what he will be like with out those pieces on defense to rely on. He should get paid big time but not “best player in the entire league” money though.

  2. Agreed. Tough decision to say the least for the Seahawks. Problem is, who’s your QB if Wilson leaves. Someone will pay at least close to his asking price. Dan Snyder will pay $40M if he has to.

    1. Thanks for reading man. Synder would kick RG3 to the curve in order to sign Wilson. He’ll sign Wilson and not put anything around him. Lol

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