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The Real Erik Spoelstra

The secret is finally out. Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra is not a good basketball coach. He is middle of the pack at best. Right now the Miami Heat is not the attractive team that they once were a few seasons ago when LeBron James was the talk of South Beach. The majority of fans and NBA analyst already know that the Miami Heat struggled to get into the postseason before LeBron James and Chris Bosh arrived in Miami.

Dwayne Wade have not had a healthy season ever since 2006 when he led the Heat to their first ever championship in team history. The sad part is that the Heat is struggling to stay afloat in the very weak Eastern Conference. Imagine if the Heat played in the highly competitive Western Conference?

They would not even be relevant in the league right now. Just ask the once New Orleans Hornets now the Pelicans how it feels to go from a premier threat in the Eastern Conference to a bottom of the barrel team in the West that is now fighting for the eight seed in the playoffs along with two other teams in the conference such as the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Phoenix Suns.

The same argument can be made about another head coach who has won numerous championships with the blessing of having great players at his disposal in Phil Jackson. As of right now Jackson is the team president of the miserable New York Knicks franchise. This is Jacksons first go around as a team president for a professional basketball franchise. So far he has done a horrible job in managing the New York Knicks. What is the real reason why Jackson is not having success as an executive in the NBA right now?

Is it because he’s not in the head coach position where he can immediately make an impact on what’s going on the court right now or is it because he does not have the right players that can succeed in his Triangle Offense scheme? When Eric Spoelstra is long and gone from the NBA writers will evaluate him on his ability to win without great players. It is very likely that Heat general manager and basketball hall of famer Pat Riley will receive the credit for the Heats success during the LeBron James years in Miami.

If Riley decides to fire Spoelstra in the near future which is very unlikely he would probably receive numerous opportunities to coach again based on his track record with the Miami Heat. If Spoelstra can lead a team that does not have a star studded roster to the promise land it will most likely solidify his legacy as an all-time great in the NBA.

But for right now Spoelstra will be remembered as an average head coach that has one a couple of championships with the some of the greatest to ever play the game of professional basketball. Expect the Miami Heat to be a major player in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes in the summer of 2016. The possibility of adding Durant to the Heat roster will most likely increase Spoelstra’s chances of winning a third NBA Title.


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