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The Number One Reason Why David Johnson is Not In Consideration for League MVP

Throughout various social media platforms such as Google Plus and Facebook, there seems to be an intense debate about who deserves to be the League’s Most Valuable Player for the 2016 season. There are the usual candidates such as Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but there’s one player that seems to be grabbing the attention of fans around the country.

That player’s name is Cardinals running back David Johnson. Johnson is ranked 4th in the league in rushing with 1,138 yards rushing and 13 touchdown scores. To go along with his rushing statistics, Johnson also has 800 yards receiving and four touchdown receptions.

All together David Johnson has 1,938 all-purpose yards and 17 touchdown scores. Those numbers are worthy of MVP consideration for David Johnson, but putting up gaudy numbers on a team not going anywhere will not be enough. Today Gridiron Fanatic explains the number reason why Cardinals running back David Johnson is not considered for League Most Valuable Player in 2016.



1. David Johnson is Playing On A Team That Will Not Make the Playoffs this Season. The Arizona Cardinals record is 5-8-1.


The difference between running backs David Johnson and Ezekiel Elliot is that Zeke is on a team that could potentially play in the Super Bowl while Johnson is playing for a ball club that has clearly underachieved in 2016. The people that vote for League MVP, apparently look at how much an individual is contributing to their team success.

Elliot is running behind the best offensive line in the NFL right now, but that does not mean you can put anybody behind that line and they will be successful. Last season the often injured, Darren McFadden ran behind the Cowboys massive offensive line, but the team finished last in the NFC East Division even though McFadden rushed 1,000 yards in 2015.

David Johnson is putting up monster stats on a team that will not go to the playoffs is the main reason why he is not in the conversation for League MVP. Stats are only part of the factors that nominates a player for Most Valuable Player. Voters are looking for individuals that contribute to their team’s success first and what their statistics say the second.

That’s why rookie quarterback Dak Prescott is among the league’s leading vote-getters for Most Valuable Player even though his numbers are nowhere near future Hall of Famer Dree Brees. In regards to David Johnson; he is putting up big numbers on a team that failed to live up to high expectations set in the offseason.


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