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The Golden State Warriors Are ‘Coming Out to Play’ in 2015

“Warriors Come Out to Play” is a quote from the 70s cult film “ The Warriors.” In regards to the Golden State Warriors, they are doing just that. Their current record is 11-0, and they are the best team in the NBA right now. They have silenced their critics who have put an asterisk on their 2014-2015 World Championship run.

Basketball aficionados are saying things like “they didn’t have to face the Thunder”, or the “Cavaliers were not at full strength” at the NBA Finals. It is what it is because they defeated the teams that were put in front of them. The Houston Rockets had a chance to take them out, but they failed to capitalize on the opportunities that were in front of them.

The level of doubters indeed motivates the Warriors in pursuit of their second straight championship run. It is almost similar to how Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are defending their Super Bowl title. Tom Brady was accused of deflating footballs in last year’s AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Brady was supposed to serve a four-game suspension for his alleged involvement in the Deflategate Scandal. However, his suspension was overturned, and now the Patriots are 9-0 after defeating the New York Giants 27-24 yesterday evening. In regards to the Warriors title defense, they are destroying everything in their path.

Point Guard Stephen Curry has picked up where he left off by averaging 33.4 points per game along with averaging 5.6 assists. There also is talk about the Warriors possibly winning 70 games this season as well. With the way the Warriors are playing now it is very possible, but Warriors fans should not get their hopes up.

They will indeed hit a bump in the road this season, but they have shown us in the past that they are an unyielding ball club. We have not seen the Warriors play some of the premier teams in the league this season, but the day will come when the Warriors will have to play lights out to win.

So far, they have done that, but not against teams such as the San Antonio Spurs or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Right now the Warriors are the guys that everyone is chasing around, similar to the movie and LeBron James, Kevin Durant, James Harden and so many other stars are the guys that are twiddling the bottles saying “Warriors Come Out To Play.” LeBron James did that last year, and we saw how that turned out.

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