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The Drive For Five Begins for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots are attempting to become the fourth team in NFL history to have at least five Super Bowl Titles on their resume. Standing in their way will be the high-powered Atlanta Falcons. The Patriots steamrolled throughout the entire 2016 regular season with a record of 14-2.

They did not miss a beat during the time that quarterback Tom Brady was suspended for his alleged participation in the infamous “Deflategate Scandal” that occurred during the 2014 AFC Championship Game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Even against the teams that everyone thought would give the Pats some problems this season, they seem to get the job done with flying colors. There was even some talk about the up and coming Miami Dolphins as a potential threat to dethrone the Patriots as AFC East Champions in 2016. But as usual, the Patriots would go on to sweep the Dolphins in the season series.

Until an opposing head coach has a competent quarterback and is capable of taking advantage of the opportunities that the Patriots present them in football games, no one other than New England will win the AFC East. The Patriots have had the easiest road to success than any other density in NFL History. It’s not their fault that opposing teams within the division have not figured out how to get the best out of the players on their roster.

In regards, to the Patriots future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, he will be attempting to surpass Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw as the first quarterback in league history to win five Super Bowl Championships. As for me, if Brady loses or wins this Super Bowl, it will not change anything in regards to how I view him as an all-time great.

I believe that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL History. In a league where it ‘s hard to keep dynasties together for an extended period, Tom Brady and the Patriots have proven that there are ways to get around the dreaded salary cap and contend for a Super Bowl Title on a consistent basis.


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