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The Difference Between The Ohio State and Michigan Football Programs


The University of Michigan fired head coach Brady Hoke yesterday after he failed to bring the program back to relevancy in college football. On top of that he has been unsuccessful against the Wolverines hated rival the Ohio State Buckeyes. I remember about 16 years ago the Wolverines were one of the top college football programs in the country. Fast forward to today and they struggle to have a seven win season. You have always heard about the saying that the alumni wants a “Michigan Man” to be their next head coach however that maybe their biggest problem.

They are so caught up in tradition down there that they have failed to hire a quality head coach that have the potential to bring a National Title back to Ann Arbor. When they decided to go the non “Michigan Man” route and hire Rich Rodriguez it turned out to be unsuccessful. I honestly think that it was unsuccessful because it was something that the fans and alumni were not accustomed to seeing at Michigan.

If you religiously follow the University of Michigan Football Program every coach that have worked there pretty much have the same philosophy, which is run the football, and have a big physical defensive line. Every now and then they will have a skill player that galvanizes the nation and wins the Heisman Trophy. Desmond Howard and Charles Woodson are the Wolverines recent Heisman Trophy winners.

We all know about the recent rumors about the possibility of Jim Harbaugh becoming the next head coach of the Michigan Wolverines. Harbaugh was a former Michigan quarterback and indeed a “Michigan Man” however I think they should not pursue him as their next head coach. I understand that Harbaugh had success at the college level when he coached at the University of Stanford, but I think they need to go the non “Michigan Man” route once again.

This time they need to have more patience with their hire and be willing to evolve. On the other hand, the Ohio State Buckeyes are having tremendous success with the hiring of former head coach Urban Meyer. In Meyers first year at Ohio State he led them to an undefeated season, but could not play for the National Title due to the fact that the program was suspended from postseason play by the NCAA for alleged violations, that happened off the field.

In Meyers second season he almost led them to another undefeated season however, they lost in the Big Ten Championship game to Michigan State. The Ohio State athletic director did not care if their next head coach was from the Woody Hayes coaching tree, or did he have ties to the university. All he cared about was if the guy could win ball games, and beat their hated rival Michigan.

I don’t know too much about Woody Haynes, but from what I have heard from analyst was that he was the real deal down in Columbus. For the third consecutive season under the Meyers regime, the Buckeyes are in contention for the National Title once again, and most likely will continue to stay that way until the Wolverines can get their act together.

I have always stated that college football is better when all the traditional powerhouses are having successful seasons. Ohio State is back from the dead, Alabama is back from the dead, and Florida State is back from the dead. We are now waiting on Michigan, Miami, and Meyer’s former job Florida to rise from the ashes and be contenders once again.

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