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The Dangers of The ‘Quick Fix’ In The NFL

We are approximately four days away from the 2015 NFL Draft and the usual gullible franchises such as the Raiders and Browns are in the headlines. There have been rumors about the Browns moving up in the draft to select 2014 Heisman Trophy Winner Marcus Mariota out of the University of Oregon. You would think these ball clubs would have learned their lessons from previous drafts however that have not been the case.

Mediocre teams are still seeking the quick fix in order to win a Super Bowl title in today’s National Football League. Here’s a question I pose to you the fans. Would you rather see your team utilize the draft wisely and dominate the league for the next 10 to 15 years or would you be satisfied with winning your precious Super Bowl trophy and fall back to mediocrity within the next 2 to 3 years due to poor management of the salary cap and the draft?

The Atlanta Falcons traded five draft picks to the Cleveland Browns in return for the 6th overall spot in the 2011 NFL Draft so that they can draft talented wide receiver Julio Jones out of the University of Alabama. The Falcons have a legitimate number one wide receiver in Jones but at what cause? Who knows how much better the Falcons would have been if they would have stayed put at the 27th pick and reload to build their roster off of those draft picks.

The Falcons are believed by many to have the better team on paper than their arch rival the New Orleans Saints. Ever since Jones was drafted in Atlanta the Falcons have only seen the postseason only twice in his four years with the ball club. In regards to the current situation in Cleveland the Browns made the right choice in drafting Johnny Manziel however where was the mature veteran backup that was supposed to mentor Johnny and show him the ins and outs of a pro-style offense?

That was not case with Brian Hoyer. Hoyer had showed some signs of success in 2013 until he was lost for the rest of season due to an injury. Fast forward to 2014 Hoyer led the Browns to a 6-3 record and contention for the AFC North Division Title however he would struggle in the final six games of the season which led to Johnny Manziel taking over as the starter. You can’t blame Hoyer for not wanting to take Manziel under his wing so that he could become “the man” in Cleveland.

Hoyer is 29 years old with a lot of football left in him why would he want to hand over the reins in Cleveland to Manziel? Brian is trying to make a name for himself in this league just as bad as Manziel is. That was the biggest mistake that Browns made along with other mediocre franchises in the NFL when it comes to drafting a quarterback, if you want to be bring in somebody that will give the quarterback of the future some sound advice than maybe the General Manager should check with the veteran backup about what is his motives before he signs with the team.

You cannot have it both ways; your team will either tank for the upcoming season or compete for a championship. You cannot expect to bring in a quarterback that still has the desire to become a star in the league and then turn around and draft a quarterback in the first round and say “hey I think we have found our quarterback in the future in this draft” and expect the veteran to accept it. Another factor that encourages the quick fix issue in the NFL is the ownership of a particular franchise. They are so quick to get rid of these guys if they do not pain out within the next two to three years. Owners want to win right now instead of becoming a dynasty for the next 15 years.

However the reason why owners may act like this is because they are not bound to those enormous contracts that rookies once signed a few seasons ago such as Sam Bradford and Jamarcus Russell. Without those big contracts it makes rookies expendable and owners even more impatient. The verdict is still out on Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. The Redskins gave up three first round draft picks and a second round pick in return for drafting Griffin second overall in the draft.

The Rams now have a defense loaded with Pro Bowlers and have recently traded for their franchise quarterback in Nick Foles from the Philadelphia Eagles. As for the Redskins they are scratching their heads wondering if RG3 is still their quarterback of the future. Hopefully one of these days an owner and his General Manager will be smart enough to copy what the Patriots or Ravens organization have done in order to remain so competitive in a salary capped National Football League.

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