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The Dallas Cowboys Acquiring Johnny Manziel Would Be a Huge Mistake

Cowboy’s owner Jerry Jones has made some horrible decisions as General Manager of the Dallas Cowboys. However, the rumors of Jones making an attempt to acquire Cleveland Browns starting quarterback Johnny Manziel may be the worst ever. Manziel would sell tickets and become a box office draw in “Big D” but his life off the field would be a mess. Cities like Austin are within three hours from Dallas.

The City of Austin was where Manziel was caught on camera drinking excessively with his friends during the bye-week for the Cleveland Browns. As a result of that, Browns head coach Mike Pettine decided to demote Manziel to the third string quarterback on the Browns roster.

During the following week, Pettine would change his decision once again and name Johnny Manziel the Browns starting quarterback due to Austin Davis’s dismal performance against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 13.  All signs point to Manziel being traded to another team once the season ends, but which team will be willing to deal with the off the field antics that Manziel associates himself around?

The decision to name Manziel the Browns starting quarterback once again most likely came from owner Jimmy Haslam and not Mike Pettine. Pettine probably will be fired at the end of the season, however; if he stays Johnny Manziel will not be wearing a Cleveland Browns uniform next season. With that being said, the number one team that would be on the Browns radar for a possible trade to acquire Johnny Manziel would be the Dallas Cowboys.

The reason the Dallas Cowboys would be a horrible landing spot for Johnny Manziel is because the City of Dallas and its surrounding areas provide lots of opportunities for Manziel to get himself in trouble. You never hear about anyone traveling to Cleveland so that they can have a good time. Here are a few reasons why the idea having Johnny Manziel in a Dallas Cowboys uniform would look great on paper.

He would be under center behind that massive offensive line and would have Dez Bryant throw the football down the field as well. Another plus of Manziel playing for the Cowboys is that he would be playing the majority of his games in a retractable roof stadium. Retractable roof stadiums like AT&T Field can mask the deficiencies that short quarterbacks like Johnny Manziel have when it comes throwing the football down the field.

At the current time, Johnny Manziel has to play in open air stadiums such as Heinz Field, Paul Brown Stadium, and M&T Bank Stadium at least once a year. Those three stadiums alone present some of the harshest weather conditions in the National Football League right now. Even with all of those reasons for the Cowboys to trade for Manziel, he still would be a horrible fit in Dallas.

The Cowboys do need another option at the quarterback position after witnessing how they perform with Tony Romo not in the lineup, however; the Cowboys search of their next starting quarterback of the future should be in the 2016 NFL Draft and not banking on the hope that Manziel will pan out.

He deserves another chance at becoming a starting quarterback in the National Football League, but it should not be with the Dallas Cowboys. On top of that, Manziel’s personal life needs to be situated before he can become the type of quarterback that everyone envisions him of becoming.


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