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The Chargers Cash In On the Falcons Overtime Gamble

Yesterday, Chargers head coach Mike McCoy survived another down to wire football game when the San Diego Chargers came from behind to defeat the Atlanta Falcons 33-30. The Chargers cashed in on the Falcons decision to go for it on 4th and 1.

As a result of the Falcons failure to convert on 4th down, Chargers kicker Josh Lambo kicked a 42-yard field that would allow them to leave the Georgia Dome with an overtime victory over the high-powered Atlanta Falcons.

Despite the mounting injuries on the Chargers roster, the team continues to push forward. They have shown that having depth at key positions is crucial to winning football games. The Chargers improved their record to 3-4, but they are still in the last place in the AFC West. However; Chargers fans have seen this story before.

For whatever reason, the team gets off to a sluggish start at the beginning of the season, only to finish strong at the end. With the way things are going in the AFC West Division, the Chargers could find themselves in a fight to win the division title once its all said and done. But first, they need to get back to 500 and worry about playoffs second.

Their next game will be a rematch against the Denver Broncos, a team that they defeated two weeks ago on Thursday Night Football. Not saying that next Sunday’s game against the Broncos is an elimination match, but they need to continue winning to keep the momentum going forward. There’s still a lot of football left in the season.


Photos courtesy of Si.Com and NFL.Com

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