Which Teams Desperately Need the Services of Kirk Cousins?

After the Washington Redskins front office decided to trade for Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith a few weeks ago, Kirk Cousins is now on the market. Tops Sports list five teams that could definitely use the help of this highly touted signal caller.   1. Denver Broncos How many times have you heard folks

Once Again Brandon Marshall Finds Himself In A Losing Situation

Wide receiver, Brandon Marshall is playing on his fourth team in his tenth year in the National Football League. Once again he has found himself in a familiar situation when it comes to being on a losing football team. His current ball club, the New York Jets by far is

The Jets Resign Ryan Fitzpatrick, Now What?

.The wait is finally over; Ryan Fitzpatrick resigns with the New York Jets. According to reports, Fitzpatrick signed a one-year deal worth $12 million. Fitzpatrick’s new one-year deal shows that the team is in a “win now” attitude going into this season. With the resigning of Fitzpatrick, the Jets can now