Top Four Landing Spots For Brandon Marshall

A few days ago, wide receiver Brandon Marshall was released from the New York Jets. According to reports, Marshall requested to be released from the second clown franchise that calls the "Big Apple" home. To me, that's saying that Marshall is serious about winning a championship before his career is

How Much Can the Saints Benefit From Trading Brandin Cooks?

In today's podcast Tops Sports talks about the benefits of the Saints trading talented wide receiver Brandin Cooks to either the Philadelphia Eagles or the Tennessee Titans. Tops Sports also address how Cooks can have a significant impact on both the Eagles and Titans passing game going into the 2017

Eagles vs Cowboys: Game of the Week Prediction

Eagles     20 Cowboys 27   One of the NFL's most heated rivalries will collide on Sunday Night Football when the Philadelphia Eagles head down to Arlington, Texas to face the Dallas Cowboys in a crucial NFC East matchup. Both football teams have rookies starting at the quarterback position right now. No