We are only five days away from the first big game of the 2017-2018 college football season between 1 Alabama vs 3 Florida State. The outcome of that football game will have huge National Championship implications in the future. But before we analyze the big game between those two powerhouses, Tops

2017 Projected Top 5 Heisman Trophy Candidates

Now that we have seen who will be the top stars in college football for the 2017 season, Gridiron Fanatic has decided to list five players that he believes will be the projected to compete for the Heisman Trophy 11 months from now. These five players have shown that they

Boise State Needs to Join the Big 12 Conference

If the Boise State Broncos football program wants to be taken seriously, then they need to leave the Mountain West Conference and join the Big 12. It would be a win-win situation for the Big 12 and Boise State. The Big 12 Conference would gain another high caliber program, and