Chip Kelly Please Do Yourself A Favor

Chip Kelly Do Yourself A Favor And Do Not Comeback to the NFL   I am not in favor for Chip Kelly possibly being fired after his first season as San Francisco 49ers head coach. I believe that the maximum time a head coach should be given to turn around an NFL franchise

Gridiron Fanatic.Net 2015 Season Predictions: AFC East

Patriots: 12-4 Dolphins: 11-5 Bills: 9-7 Jets: 8-8 Division Winner: New England Patriots Patriots: 12-4 The New England Patriots head into the 2015 regular season with a few missing pieces of the roster that won Super Bowl XLIX. Pro Bowl cornerback Darrelle Revis decided to return to the place where it all started when he signed

Cowboys vs Eagles: Game of the Week Prediction

Cowboys 27 Eagles 31 For the second consecutive season supremacy in the NFC East will be decided between the Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles. These two franchises have been at each other’s throat for decades and will continue to do so as long as the once competitive NFC East