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Spurs vs Warriors: Western Conference Finals Prediction

After overcoming the odds by losing star player Kawhi Leonard in Game 6 against the Houston Rockets, the San Antonio are back in the Western Conference Finals.

The Game 6 victory over the Rockets led the Spurs to gain the momentum in the series which resulted in them winning by 40-points to close out the semi-final round matchup against the Rockets. Waiting for the Spurs is the defending Western Conference Champion the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors bring an undefeated record into the series against the Spurs. The only game that the Warriors had struggled with in this year’s postseason is the Game 1 matchup against the Portland Trailblazers. But we saw what the outcome was in that ball game.

The Spurs could present a few challenges to the Warriors in this series. I believe that head coach Gregg Popovich can establish a strategy that can minimize the Warriors offensive onslaught in this contest. However, it must involve reducing the efforts of Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Clay Thompson.

These three individuals are capable of putting up 40-points on any given night. Popovich was able to minimize what the Rockets could do without the presence of Kawhi Leonard in the lineup. However, the Rockets do not have three players that are capable of scoring 40 or more points on any given night.

If the Spurs defense can force the Warriors into a situation where they are struggling to make shots, the possibilities of them winning this series will increase. My prediction for this series is that the Warriors will face some adversity when they take on the Spurs, but I believe that they will prevail in the end.


Warriors Wins Series 4-2

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