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Seahawks VS Bengals: Game of the Week Prediction

Seahawks 17

Bengals    21


It’s amazing to see how one person on an NFL roster can make that much of a difference. Seahawks safety Kam Chancellor returned to the Seahawks, after holding out for the entire duration of training camp so that he can get an even bigger contract than what he signed a few years ago.

Ever since Chancellor returned to the Seahawks lineup, their defense has only given up a total of 13 points in the last two matchups. Now that they have everyone on their defense intact, they will take on the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals.

Unlike the Seahawks, the Bengals have the firepower on offense that is capable of going blow for blow with some of the league’s best ball clubs. The Seahawks have tight end Jimmy Graham, but they still have not figured out a way to get him involved in the passing game. Graham can be a huge factor in the contest against the Bengals if quarterback Russell Wilson can get him involved.

As right now, it’s still the same old Seahawks which means having a stellar defense and run the football with Marshawn Lynch. The Seahawks opponent, the Cincinnati Bengals must utilize all of their weapons on offense to win this ball game. The reason is that the Seahawks look like an entirely different football team with Kam Chancellor.

Like I said before, the defense has only given up 13 points since he returned to the lineup. They will look to continue that trend this Sunday against the Bengals. Except the Packers, the Bengals will be the Seahawks second most explosive offense that they will face this season. Expect Pro Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman to have his hands full with wide receiver A.J. Green in this football game.

You will not see Sherman pretending to be yearning in this game because he will be busy occupying the Bengals talented wide receivers. If the Bengals want to take this game out of the Seahawks reach, then they may have to run the football constantly against their rush defense. History has shown us that if you have a solid running game you have a chance of beating the Seahawks.

The Bengals have two good running backs that can accomplish that with Giovanni Bernard and Jeremy Hill. My prediction for this matchup is that one of these teams will give up that huge play on defense that will eventually win this matchup. This Sunday the Seahawks will be that team to makes that crucial mistake on defense to lose this game.

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