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Saturation Has Entered the Southeastern Conference

The Alabama Crimson Tide is no longer the only team in the Southeastern Conference that has the potential to contend for a national title year in and year out. Other ball clubs within the conference have gained some traction, on the juggernaut down in Tuscaloosa. Last year we saw about four teams in the SEC that could have made it into the playoffs. However, the four teams almost eliminated each other, which left the Crimson Tide as the last man standing.

Alabama would go on to the playoffs and lose to the eventual national champion the Ohio State Buckeyes. The reason for the recent parody in the SEC is that there are too many good head coaches entering the conference. On top of that, the no huddle offense has finally taken hold in the SEC. Alabama head coach Nick Saban has not found a formula to rattle the high paced offense.

SEC West teams such as Ole Miss may have found something to expose the mighty Crimson Tide in last year’s matchup. Ole Miss along with other programs in the conference have successfully installed the no-huddle offense into their arsenal. If you think the conference was saturated now, just wait until teams such as the Florida Gators and the Tennessee Vols get back on track.

Those two programs are a part of the weak SEC East, which has not been relevant for a long time. Programs such as Tennessee and Florida was at the pinnacle of college football at one point. Both programs will indeed return to dominance shortly. For so many years fans complained about SEC’s dominance in college football, now they are getting what they wanted, which is a parody ridden conference.

The programs in the conference are just too good. We will probably witness something similar to what happened last season. In regards to playing in the national championship, the rules are a bit different. Teams do not have to go undefeated to play in the big game. Even though going undefeated will most likely increase your chances of playing in the national title game, it is not a requirement.

Three out of the four teams in last year’s playoffs had a one loss record under their belt, including Alabama. All four of those teams got hot at the right time, which catapulted them into the playoffs. It is no longer about going undefeated anymore; the playoff committee is more concerned about how you dominated your opponent in those games.

Florida State was almost left out of the final four because certain committee members were not impressed on how they won games last season. They remained undefeated but got thrashed by Oregon 59-20 in the semifinals of the playoffs. Former ESPN Radio host Colin Cowherd stated that “Alabama is not a top five program this year.”

His reason for saying that is because there are too many good coaches coming into the conference and that they do not have guaranteed starter at quarterback right now. Colin may have a valid point, but that does not mean you should write off Nick Saban. The plethora of good coaches in the conference only mean that the road to winning a national title will be harder than ever before.



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