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Saints Fans Need to be Careful For What They Ask For


Over the last couple of weeks Saints fans on various team related message boards and blogs have been talking about rebuilding the team roster. Those talks have intensified with the Saints latest dismal performance against the Houston Texans. The defense still looks the same even with Dennis Allen taking the role of Saints defensive coordinator. The offense did not look too spectacular as well when Drew Brees streak of throwing at least one touchdown pass in a game ended at 45.

The Saints front office has not come out and say that they are rebuilding this season. However, it was expected that they would lose a couple of games this year due to the lack inexperienced players on the roster. When Saints fans think about the team rebuilding, they need to look at franchises such as the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and the Tennessee Titans.

It has taken those teams over a decade to find their quarterback of the future that will bring their franchises back to dominance in the NFL. Certain Saints fans think that you can just blow a roster up by plugging in new players, hoping that they can produce year in and year out. If the Saints front office does decide to part ways with Drew Brees and Sean Payton, the rebuilding of this ball club will not be easy.

Teams do not hit the lottery by drafting quarterbacks such as Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck to replace their legends on a consistent basis. It is not guaranteed that rookie quarterback Garrett Grayson will become the second coming of Drew Brees whenever it is time for him to take over. Rebuilding is something that can become painful for fan bases if you do not have the right personnel in the front office that will make crucial decisions.

The Saints have some good pieces that were selected in the 2015 NFL Draft, however; there are still holes that need to be filled. The teams still do not have that emotional leader on the defense that will hold other players on the team accountable. If this ball club decides to go for a full rebuild after the 2015 season is over, it may become a long summer going into training camp.

A new head coach can come in and change the entire makeup of this football team, which may not be a bad thing. If the Saints are not going for a full rebuild, Sean Payton needs to evolve and let someone who is competent enough to run the defensive side of the ball. The offense needs to be tweaked as well.

They have become too predictable in the types of plays that they are about to run on offense. It is almost like opposing defenses know what Sean Payton is about to dial up on 3rd and long, especially the vaunted screen pass that has been Payton’s bread and butter for over the last ten years in New Orleans.

Saints fans better prepare themselves for a long offseason, because if this team is going into rebuild mode, it will not be easy as people think it will be. The rebuilding of an NFL franchise takes a lot of time and patience to see finished product perform successfully on the field.


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