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Ravens VS Broncos: Game of the Week Prediction

Ravens   23

Broncos 38


Two seasons ago Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning threw for a record seven touchdown passes against the Baltimore Ravens. A few months prior to that happening, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed the Hail Mary pass known as “Hail Flacco” that would catapult the Ravens in the 2012 AFC Championship Game against the Patriots. This Sunday the Ravens and Broncos will open up the regular season once again.

I do not expect Manning to throw seven touchdown passes against the Ravens, however; I would not be surprised if he does something close to it. The Ravens secondary is still a fragile spot on the Ravens defense. The Ravens must keep Manning off the field as much as possible to start off the season 1-0 in 2015. Even though the Broncos are changing their identity on offense this season, opposing defenses will still respect the damage that Peyton Manning can do.

The Broncos have talent on both sides of the ball that can put this game out of reach for the Ravens, however; will they accomplish that? The Ravens are one of those ball clubs that can play in any atmosphere; rather it is at home or the road.

My prediction for this ball game is that the Ravens will hang with the Broncos for about three quarters, but the Broncos will pull away with the victory in the end. The Broncos are the better team going into this matchup right now.


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