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Patriots vs Packers: Game of the Week Prediction

Patriots 34

Packers 24

Will the New England Patriots vs the Green Bay Packers matchup this Sunday be a potential Super Bowl preview? Only time will tell, the Packers have a one game lead over the Detroit Lions in the NFC North, and they are currently the third seed in the NFC playoff picture. If they can reach the number one spot in the NFC, they will have home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

We all know how difficult it can be for opposing teams to play at Lambeau Field in the month of January. Before the Packers can start thinking about home field advantage in the postseason, they must take out the mighty New England Patriots this Sunday.

The Packers must win this game if they want to be considered one of the league’s elite teams. Even though they have obliterated NFC heavyweights such as the Eagles, the Patriots are a different animal. It will be interesting to see how quarterback Aaron Rodgers will handle the Patriots vaunted secondary. Remember in the week one opener against the Seahawks he decided to stay away from Richard Sherman.

Now he has to deal with the possibility of becoming a resident of “Revis Island.” Some of the best quarterbacks in the league have become victims of the Patriots top ranked secondary. The Patriots have the personnel to attack the Packers weak rush defense as well. I hope they learned from the mistakes of the Philadelphia Eagles, whose running game was pretty much nonexistent in their blowout lost against the Packers.

The Patriots are capable of winning this game but they must keep Aaron Rodgers off the field as much as possible. If they fail to do that and it could be a long day at Lambeau this Sunday. Other than the Seahawks and Lions we haven’t really seen a defense that could actually man handle the “Bad Man” known as Aaron Rodgers. My prediction for this ball game is that the Patriots will figure out a way to win this match up.

Whether it be by their rushing attack or by utilizing the “Gronk” in the passing game we shall find out soon enough. I just do not see the Packers going blow for blow with a team of this caliber in the New England Patriots. If you look at the Packers schedule they have not beaten anybody that is a capable of being a Super Bowl contender. They will have that opportunity this Sunday to prove me wrong.

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