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Patriots vs Falcons: Super Bowl LI Prediction

We are only one day away from 51st edition of the Super Bowl being played in front of a worldwide audience. This year’s big game will feature the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots.

The Falcons are the third team to represent the NFC South in the Super Bowl in eight seasons. Similar to the other two franchises that have represented the division in the Super Bowl, i.e. the Saints and Panthers, the Falcons have the number one ranked offense in the league this season.

However, that high-powered offense will have the biggest challenge of the season, when they take on the New England Patriots. The truth is that we will find out a lot about both of these teams at the end of this football game. The reason for saying that is because these organizations have not been pushed to the limits for the latter part of the 2016 season.

You have probably heard analysts saying that Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick “will figure out a way to keep an opposing team’s best player from an impact in the football game.” Belichick could take out Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones in this matchup, but what about fellow wideout Muhammed Sanu or the two-headed monster of Tevin Coleman and Devonta Freeman? The Falcons have numerous ways in which they can defeat an opposing ball club. They do not have to rely solely on talents of Julio Jones to win this football game.

With that being said, the Patriots defense must be prepared to eliminate all of the Falcons options on offense in this football game if they want to leave NRG Stadium with their 5th Super Bowl Title. The Patriots must also not turn the football over like Green Bay did against the Falcons in the NFC Championship Game. We all saw how the Falcons took the Packers to the woodshed in the early stages of that football game.

My prediction for this matchup is that the Falcons might get an early lead on the Patriots, but will eventually lose this game due to a 2nd half comeback by Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I just do not see the Falcons young and inexperienced defense holding the Patriots offense down for all four quarters of this football game.

Patriots 34

Falcons  27


Photo courtesy of ABC 15


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