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Patriots vs Eagles: Super Bowl LII Prediction

Once again the New England Patriots are at the forefront of another conversation at the Super Bowl. Their opponent will be the Philadelphia Eagles, a team that they defeated in the Super Bowl XXXIX 24-21. The Patriots seem to have the same formula when it comes to these big games.

Their method has various layers to it, such as taking away an opposing team’s best option on offense, clock management, and my favorite, allowing the rival ball club to defeat themselves, i.e., the Atlanta Falcons and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

You would think by now that teams would have figured out the Patriots method to the madness in regards to winning titles, but unfortunately, they have not. Once again Tom Brady will be facing another aggressive defense in the Philadelphia Eagles. However, their defense is not anything that Brady has seen before when it comes to the Super Bowl.

In regards to Philly’s offense, they need to take advantage of the Patriots average defense. They have the personnel on offense to beat the Patriots pretty bad in this contest but will head coach Doug Pederson use this football game to show the world how much of a quarterback whisper he is?

Ask former Falcons offensive coordinator, Kyle Shannahan how that turned out in Super Bowl LI. If the Eagles are beating the Patriots to a point to where they have no chance coming back, then they need to turn to the running game immediately because Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are experts at clock management.

My final prediction for this ball game is that Tom Brady will win his sixth Super Bowl Title. I just do not trust Doug Pederson and Nick Foles on a big stage such as the Super Bowl.


Patriots 27

Eagles    21

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