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Patriots vs Broncos: 2016 AFC Championship Game Prediction

Patriots 23

Broncos 24


For the seventeenth time in their illustrious careers, quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady will face each other. However, this could be the last time that we see this two future Hall of Fame signal callers battle it out. The winner of this contest will advance to Super Bowl 50 to face either the Carolina Panthers or the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football Conference.

If the Denver Broncos want to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl, they must run the football successfully against the Patriots defense. Peyton Manning did not have a bad game last week, but he is not the quarterback that he once was two seasons ago when he threw 55 touchdown passes.

If the running game can step up to the plate like they did in the regular season matchup against New England, they will have a chance to win this ball game. It would also help if their wide receivers can catch the football. This will be the best defense that Peyton Manning has ever had to compliment him in his career.

He needs to take advantage of it by making smart decisions and not put the defense in dangerous situations. The Broncos opponent, the New England Patriots, are in the AFC Championship Game for the 5th time in the Belichick/Brady Era. The last time the Pats faced the Broncos, the injury bug would begin to hit this team like never before this season.

Now that they have most of their core players back, they should be able to have some success against the vaunted Broncos defense. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick’s number one priority in this ball game is to make Peyton Manning beat his football team through the air.

The reason is that he knows that Manning does not have the arm strength that he had once before. If he can accomplish that with his defense, the Patriots will be back in the Super Bowl for the second time in two seasons. Also, if they can get their nonexistent running game to have some success against the Broncos, this game can turn into a blowout.

The Patriots are known for pulling tailbacks off the street that may run for over 190 yards and two touchdowns on any given Sunday. My prediction for this matchup is that the Broncos defense will catapult them to Super Bowl 50. Peyton Manning will have an opportunity to go out on top like other football greats such as John Elway and Ray Lewis.


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