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Once Again the The AFC South Was Gift Wrapped to the Houston Texans

For the second consecutive season, the Houston Texans have won the AFC South Title. However, the way that they won the division was due to injuries, and their fellow opponents within the AFC South did not live to high expectations. The Texans got handed an early Christmas present from teams such as the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennesee Titans.

The Titans lost their franchise quarterback Marcus Mariota to a season-ending injury in Saturday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Titans also lost 38-17. In regards to the Colts, the team does not have the right pieces around Andrew Luck to dominate the AFC South on a yearly basis. The Texans ruined the Colts hopes of winning the division when they defeated them 22-17 in Week 14.

Those two transactions have allowed the Texans to repeat as division champions without having to deal with serious threats from opponents within the AFC South. Now that they have won the division, can they be a threat in the playoffs? Probably not, because they do not have a quarterback that is capable of going toe to toe with signal callers such as Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger.

Even though they made the change from the “$72 Million Dollar Man” Brock Osweiler to backup Tom Savage, the offense does not look any different from when Osweiler was at the helm. Can you blame Brock Osweiler for his lack of success in Houston? Texans head coach Bill O’Brien should take some of the blame as well. Outside of working with Tom Brady when he was a quarterbacks coach in New England, what has O’Brien done to show that he is a quarterback whisper?

In his four seasons as Texans head coach, O’Brien has played musical chairs at the quarterback position. He had an opportunity to draft players such as Derek Carr that would have solidified the quarterback position down in Houston. Bill O’Brien is only in year one of the “Brock Osweiler Experiment, ” and the Texans could be looking elsewhere for a reliable option at the quarterback position.

Now that the AFC South was gift wrapped to them, their defense will need to play lights out in the postseason, because their offense will be nonexistent against any team that they will face in two weeks. Do not be surprised if you hear Texans General Manager Rick Smith make a phone call to their cross-town neighbors the Dallas Cowboys so that a trade for Tony Romo can occur. Jerry Jones might ask for pass-rusher Jedavion Clowney in return.


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