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Once Again Brandon Marshall Finds Himself In A Losing Situation

Wide receiver, Brandon Marshall is playing on his fourth team in his tenth year in the National Football League. Once again he has found himself in a familiar situation when it comes to being on a losing football team. His current ball club, the New York Jets by far is the most disappointing team in the National Football League right now.

Some would probably argue that the worst team in the league right now is the Cleveland Browns, but I beg to differ. The difference between the Browns and the Jets right now is that the Browns never give up regardless of what the score is. Except the Jets nail biter against the Bengals in Week 1, the Jets have been outperformed in every contest that they have been involved in this season.

A lot of football websites including Gridiron Fanatic, had the Jets making the playoffs as a Wildcard team, however; the Jets have taken a turn for the worst. The Jets latest defeat came against the Arizona Cardinals on Monday Night Football 28-3.

Just about every franchise that Marshall becomes a part of they seem not to live up to high expectations. By far, the Jets roster is the best supporting cast that Marshall has been surrounded by during his 11-years in the National Football League. Unlike the Chicago Bears where Marshall played three seasons, the Jets have playmakers on both sides of the ball.

As usual, they have let their fanbase down once again after having a season where they missed advancing to the playoffs by losing to the Buffalo Bills in the last game of the season. If you are a die hard Jets, fan you have seen this movie before. Brandon Marshall has to wonder if he will ever get an opportunity to play with a playoff contender on a yearly basis.

The teams that have acquired for the services of Brandon Marshall are ball clubs that act in desperation and not have a legitimate strategy on how to build a playoff contender. When he got traded to the Dolphins back in 2010, Marshall signed a four-year $47.5 million dollar contract extension. Other than the contract extension with the Dolphins and Bears, Brandon never sought the free agency route to sign with a playoff contender.

Perhaps, the reason for Marshall’s failure to be a part of teams that are in contention for the playoffs on a yearly basis is because of his violent past. Teams such as the Packers, Patriots, and Cardinals did not want to deal with Marshall’s off the field transgressions.

However, he has matured into a man that other players can rally around in times of need. When it’s all said and done, Brandon Marshall could go down as one of the greatest wide receivers in NFL history to never play in a postseason game.


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