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NFL Possible Realignment Prediction

The featured image in this article was posted by one of my followers on Twitter, which goes by the name of uStadium. uStadium is a football network app that connects fans from all over the world. The image posted the question “Would you be a fan of this realignment?” Followers received the tweet with mixed responses. Some fans would love to see a complete makeover, of the eight divisions in the league and some did not.

Some fans were upset about not being able to enjoy Ravens vs. Steelers twice a year. The epic battles between those two franchises are priceless. However, there would be some new rivalries that I believe the fans would enjoy. In this post, I will list the outcome of what the league would look like if the eight divisions in the National Football League went through a total makeover.


1.  NFC East: Giants vs. Patriots


Could you imagine those two iconic franchises facing each other twice a season? It would be the equivalent of Yankees vs. Red Sox, in the American League East Division. These two franchises have seven Super Bowl titles between the two of them. They have also played each other in the Super Bowl on two separate occasions, in which the Giants won. On top of that, the Patriots would still have to deal with their AFC East brethren, the New York Jets. The Jets vs. Eagles could be an intense rivalry in this division as well. Both fan bases can be very hostile at times.


2.  NFC South: Saints vs. Cowboys


Tony Romo vs. Drew Brees going blow for blow would be awesome, for both the Who Dat and Cowboy Nation. These two franchises are not afraid to put on an aerial show if needed. The Saints would have to deal with one of the most dynamic wide receivers in the game right now in Dez Bryant. Add the Houston Texans to the mix and you may witness a three-way battle for the NFC South title. However, the inconsistency of repeat division winners will continue in this division. The Saints, Cowboys, and Texans are evenly matched in the talent department. It would be difficult for any of these teams to repeat as division champion.


3.  AFC West: Chiefs vs. Rams “Interstate 70 Showdown.”


Let’s say the Rams remain in St. Louis and the league signed off on this realignment. The matchup between the two would be an awesome rivalry for the state of Missouri when it comes to pro football. These two franchises are four hours apart from each other. It would be a classic offense vs. defense type of battle. The Chiefs have an offensive mastermind in Andy Reid who has gone up against some of the league’s best coaches. Rams head coach Jeff Fisher brings the physical style of play, which made him a household name with the Tennessee Titans. As the NFC South, this division could see a different winner in every season of its existence.


4.  AFC East: Panthers vs. Ravens


We all know what happened the last time Steve Smith Sr. faced his former team the Carolina Panthers. Could you imagine the Panthers dealing with that guy twice a year? Aside from that, these two franchises are noted for having nasty defenses, that aren’t afraid of any elite quarterback, that may come into their path. Quarterbacks Cam Newton and Joe Flacco don’t exactly set the world on fire in the stats department, but they know to step up to the plate when it matters the most. Even though we would lose Ravens vs. Steelers, this rivalry could just as intense.


5. NFC North: Colts vs. Packers “Rodgers vs. Luck.”


Colts vs. Packers would be the NFC’s version of “Brady vs. Manning.” Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck are projected to be the league’s premier passers in the next three years. By this time, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady will be retired by now. Both of these franchises would be perennial contenders in the NFC for years to come. They are run by some of the best front office personnel in pro football today. Vikings vs. Colts can turn out to be an intense rivalry as well


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