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LeBron James Image Is Sending the Wrong Message to America’s Youth

If the recent rumors of LeBron James disrespecting head coach David Blatt are true, he is straight out sending the wrong message to America’s youth. According to senior writer Marc Stein, LeBron essentially called timeouts and made his own substitutions. LeBron openly yelled at Blatt decisions he did not agree with during the 2015 NBA Finals.

Those transgressions alone can potentially damage the brand of LeBron James when it comes to team sports throughout America. The last things we need to worry about as a nation is to witness high school athletes belittle their coaches out in public. Don’t get me wrong, LeBron James is the single most dominating force in the NBA right now.

However, it is not his place to undermine the authority of the head coach who was hired by the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers Dan Gilbert. Maybe if LeBron would focus on playing basketball, and stop trying to be everything within the Cavaliers organization, then maybe they would have won the championship. I do not care that Blatt is a rookie head coach, who made some rookie mistakes in his first year in the league. He is the head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, plain and simple.

If James was not happy with the selection of Blatt as head coach, then maybe Dan Gilbert should have waited until he bought LeBron back, to begin their search for a new coach. How will any fellow Cavalier players going to treat Blatt with some sort of respect when LeBron treats him like a peon in front of everyone. Another writer, Brian Windhorst stated that LeBron wouldn’t mind if the Euroleague import keeps coaching the Cavaliers because he “likes having Blatt to kick around.”

Those are some pretty harsh words coming from Windhorst. If there’s anybody who knows No.23 inside out it would be Windhorst. Right now there seems to be a double standard going on in regards to mainstream media’s view on professional athletes. One guy may potentially be black balled from the NFL, for knocking out his then fiancé in an elevator, while the other disrespects his head coach out in public. The media seems to turn the other cheek on that one You don’t think Marshawn Lynch felt disrespected when Pete Carroll decided to pass at the one yard line at Super Bowl XLIX?

He most likely did, but did you ever see Lynch yell at Carroll out in public, after the play ended? We all know what type of person Marshawn can be when it comes to addressing the media. You probably have heard the saying before that “it’s a star driven league” in the NBA. There is some truth to that, but the head coach should have the final say on all decisions, when it comes to playing ball games. LeBron must rectify this issue as soon as possible before it is too late. The power of influence is very powerful in America’s youth right now.

You have young men becoming radicalized on social media, which leads up to them joining the terrorist group ISIS. Not trying to compare LeBron with ISIS but, you gets the point. Eight years removed from the Finals in which Tim Duncan’s Spurs swept the then baby faced James and a different group of Cavalier players—eight years after Duncan told James that he would soon own the league—I find myself coming back to that same thought.

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