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Is Moritz Boehringer Good As Advertised?

According to NFL.Com, there is one particular player that stock is steadily rising in this year’s NFL Draft. The player that I am referring did not attend a premier powerhouse school such as Alabama or LSU. As a matter of fact, this guy did not even play football in the United States. German wide receiver Moritz Boehringer had an impressive pro-day workout last week, that had NFL coaches clamoring for more.

Boehringer, who is listed at 6’4 ½ and weighs 227 pounds, ran a 4.43 in the 40-yard dash at his pro-day workout. If you watched the highlight video below of Boehringer, you can see that he could probably line up as a tight end as well, but I would utilize his skill sets as a wide receiver if I were a head coach.

A player that weighs 227 pounds is not big enough to be a tight end in the National Football League. Boehringer’s 40 times at his pro-day workout may have impressed coaches, but can he do the other things that make wide receivers successful at the pro level? What is the point of having breakaway speed, but cannot hold on to the football to make crucial plays down the stretch?

Not saying that Boehringer will become that type of receiver in the National Football League, but coaches and general managers need to ask that question before they even consider drafting a talent such as Boehringer. From the looks of it, Boehringer might turn out to be a wide receiver that has a combination of high physicality and speed. My biggest concern for the German League 2015 Rookie of the Year is, can he perform at the pro level?

How will he deal with annoying cornerbacks such as Richard Sherman, who the best signal callers in the league are afraid to throw to his side of the field? I can tell you right now, that there are at least five teams that could select Boehringer in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft, but are they willing to ignore other huge needs to take him?


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