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Is DeMarco Murray Poised For Another Great Season In 2015?

Very rarely in fantasy football do you see the most productive running back in the game switch teams. However, that is exactly what happened to DeMarco Murray after exploding for his best season of his career in 2014 for the Dallas Cowboys. They decided not to pay him, but the Philadelphia Eagles gladly took him on to be a dynamic piece in their offense. With a change in scenery and increased expectations, will Murray be able to handle it all in 2015?

One of the main reasons why Murray was able to have so much success with the Dallas Cowboys came down to their offensive line. They were able to open up holes for him on a pretty consistent basis, and that lead to big yardage. Dallas is basically banking on their line doing most of the work, as they feel like they can replace Murray with cheaper options capable of doing pretty much the same thing. It is risky to let him go to a rival in the same division, but at least fans get to see this matchup twice a year.

Murray is joining a Philadelphia team that has a pretty good line in their own right, so he will still be able to operate pretty effectively. What could be troublesome for fantasy football owners is that he is joining an entirely new system, with Ryan Mathews at his position. Philadelphia hasn’t announced their plans by any means, but it would be silly for them to not utilize both running backs. Murray was the man in Dallas, but he will not be carrying the ball 393 times in 2015.

The one thing that impressed a lot of people in fantasy football  last year was the fact that Murray had more power than he was given credit for early in his career. That should still allow him to get double-digit touchdowns, but it can also set him up for some durability issues. He will fit in nicely in Philadelphia, but he is not going to get anywhere close to 1845 yards on the ground.

If he can get around 1200-1300 and double-digit touchdowns, fantasy football owners will be satisfied. That will still put him in the top 10 easily at his position. Of course, Murray wants to focus on helping Philadelphia become contenders again. At the very least, he wants to help them finish ahead of his old team.


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