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Is Andy Reid Satisfied With Alex Smith?

Andy Reid is going into his third season as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. Reid can transform quarterbacks into top-notch signal callers. He has worked with the likes of Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and Nick Foles. However, do you ever think that Andy Reid missed the presence of a quarterback, such as Donovan McNabb on his roster? Michael Vick and Nick Foles put up some pretty good numbers under Andy Reid, but they did not reach the level of success that McNabb achieved in Philadelphia.

So far Donovan McNabb is the best quarterback that Andy Reid has had under his guidance. The latest quarterback to come under Reid’s watch is Alex Smith of the Kansas City Chiefs. Smith labeled as being a game manager by the majority of NFL analyst around the country. The term game manager means that you are a quarterback that makes very few costly mistakes or turnovers.

Here are two things that are guaranteed, when you name a guy like Alex Smith, the starting quarterback of your franchise. He is going to lead your team to at least 9 to 10 wins in a season, and he will also put your ball club in a position to contend for the playoffs. That’s where the buck stops with Alex Smith.

Under Reid’s guidance, McNabb led the Eagles to five NFC Championship game appearances that included one trip to the Super Bowl. Andy Reid has not been able to rekindle the postseason success that he had under McNabb, since trading him to the Washington Redskins in 2010.

His playoff record after trading McNabb is 0-2. His most recent defeat came in the 2013 AFC Wildcard matchup against the Colts. The Chiefs blew a 28-point lead in the second half, against Indianapolis, which resulted in a 45-44 victory over the Chiefs. Regardless if the Chiefs lost their core players to an injury, the second half meltdown against the Colts was unacceptable. One of Alex Smith’s biggest flaws is that he is not the guy that you want to rely on, to lead your team to come from behind victory.

In 2014, those flaws were highly evident, as the Chiefs blew a five-game winning streak; that ended the season going 9-7 instead of 13-3. Would Donovan McNabb blow that 28-point lead against the Colts? Would McNabb allow that mid-season collapsed to occur last season? Those are some of the many questions that need to be asked in regards to the quarterback situation in Kansas City. McNabb was capable of making plays happen with both his legs and his arm.

However, he did have playmakers at his disposal such as DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin. Last season Alex Smith failed to throw a single touchdown pass to a Chiefs wide receiver. When Andy Reid took the job as Chiefs head coach, the organization gave up a second round pick to the 49ers, to land Smith. At the time, Smith was the best quarterback available on the market. However, do you think Andy Reid was satisfied with that trade?

The Chiefs had the no.1 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. They could have drafted Geno Smith, who was rumored to be on the Chiefs radar at the time. Andy Reid was ready to win now, so he went ahead and grabbed the best quarterback that was available. The Chiefs are going into its third year under the Andy Reid regime. If Alex Smith fails to deliver in crucial moments once more, heads are going to roll down in Chiefs Kingdom.



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6 thoughts on “Is Andy Reid Satisfied With Alex Smith?

  1. When does the unbiased part start? It’s not in this article. This is more of the worst kind of sports blogging, I can’t even call it journalism.
    The headline is a question you not only fail to answer, you don’t even ask it in the text. You hint that the answer is obvious, but it’s clear as mud.
    Secondly, you do ask questions in the text, but hypothetical questions that can never be answered, only speculated at. You don’t ask, “What are similar stats for similar QB’s in similar situations?” You instead ask, “What would so-and-so do in that situation?” implying he would have done better, “That is what the coach has to ask himself.” God, I hope not. I don’t want a coach who relies on hypothesis and divination to answer questions. I want results. I want a coach who knows what it takes to win and will put people in place to make that happen.

    1. Don’t know who you are but thanks for giving me another view. Maybe you should become part of the Tops Sports contributor team since you are so good at journalism.

  2. Probably giving Alex Smith a bit to much credit (and I know you did not give him much). He has only won more than eight games as a starter twice since his rookie year in 2005.

    1. That’s true but I am talking about recently. He’s been pretty straight since he worked with Harbaugh and now Andy Reid. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  3. As A Chiefs fan I can tell you it wasn’t his fault in the Colts game it’s because of him we had a four touchdown lead at half time the defense blew that game giving up five touchdowns in the second half and last season we started out 0-2 He didn’t blow it mid season it was amazing he got us back in it winning five in a row our defense gave up a lot of games last year like against the Raiders when they gave up a six minute touchdown drive at the end to lose not Alex’s fault pretty much your analysis sucked!

    1. You have valid points, but the loss against the Colts was more on Andy Reid than Alex Smith. When you have a 28 point lead, you have to start playing conservative i.e. run the football. Coach Reid did the exact opposite. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.

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