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How Much Action Will Alvin Kamara See With the Saints in 2017?

The New Orleans Saints were not done with adding depth at the running back position after they signed future Hall of Fame running back Adrian Peterson. In the 3rd round of the 2017 NFL Draft, the Saints selected Alvin Kamara out of the University of Tennessee.

When I first heard of the selection, I automatically assumed that Kamara is going to be the guy that carry on the Reggie Bush/Darren Sproles role in New Orleans. If you paid close attention to the video above, you could see that Kamara has far more power than both Bush and Sproles when it comes to running the football, especially in goal line situations.

At the University of Tennessee, you can see that Alvin Kamara was utilized a lot especially when it comes to the red zone. Overall, I believe that the Kamara selection was more about having depth at a very crucial position. If Adrian Peterson starts off the season with a few nagging injuries, it is almost sure that the workload for Kamara will increase significantly.

However, if all three backs can start off the season healthy, the Saints can be a very efficient team when it comes to running the football. The running game has not been the same for the Saints since their historic 2009 Super Bowl run. That year the Saints had the most lethal rushing attack in the league.

Another plus for the Saints selecting Alvin Kamara is that he can catch passes coming out of the backfield effectively. We all know that one of the requirements of playing running back in Sean Payton’s offense is that they must be able to become active as a wide receiver.

The Saints can keep quarterback Drew Brees from a steep decline if they establish a serious commitment to running the football. From the looks of it, they are doing that right now with the potential three-headed monster in Mark Ingram, Adrian Peterson, and Alvin Kamara.

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