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Here Are the Saints Newest Set Of Problems

The New Orleans Saints are now on a two-game losing streak after losing last night to the Carolina Panthers 23-20. For the third consecutive game, the defense had an exceptional performance against three of the league’s best football teams such as the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, and the defending Super Bowl Champions the Denver Broncos.

However, when the defense began to excel, new problems arose on this young and inexperienced football team. Today, Gridiron Fanatic will list three problems that the Saints must resolve before facing Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams next week.


1. A Short Field Via Turnover Is An Opposing Offenses Best Friend

For the second consecutive week, the Saints high-powered offense turned the football over, which resulted in a short field position for their opponents. Whenever you give an opposing team a short field to work with via turnovers, you will pay for it no matter who your opponent is. Their special teams is a mess right now, but I believe the turnovers against both Denver and Carolina was the deciding factor in both losses.

2. Drew Brees Needs To Relax And Start Trusting the Defense

Now that the defense is improving, quarterback Drew Brees needs to settle down and not try to score on every possession. Both Carolina and Denver were not successful moving the football against the Saints defense. Over the years, they have been recognized as one the best offenses in the National Football League, however; they do not have to perform like a number one offense to win football games. To cut down on those turnovers, the Saints need to commit to running the football with both Tim Hightower and Mark Ingram. If they are not able to score points, that’s okay because the defense is finally starting to gel as one unit.

3. The Big Elephant in the Room Right Now: The Special Teams

The Saints inability to field quality special teams is costing them to lose football games in some very unusual ways. For two weeks this team has failed to kick successful field goals due to their special team’s inefficient results. The 2016 season, was about take a turn for the best until to go ahead lead against the Broncos came to a screeching halt. Broncos special teamer Will Parks recovered the blocked kick which resulted in the game-winning score for Denver. The Saints must resolve this issue if they want to win the NFC South and make some noise in the postseason. The Seahawks have a guy named Kam Chancellor who is excellent at leaping over offensive lineman; there’s a chance that they will be traveling to Seattle if they make the playoffs.


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