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Have the Chiefs Hit Their Ceiling With Alex Smith?

Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith has done a tremendous job ever since he joined the team in 2013. Under his watch, the team has been to the postseason three times in four seasons. However, Chiefs fans and the local media are wondering if Smith is capable of taking the team to another level with pieces that are assembled around him right now.

The team has playmakers such as Tyreke Hill, Travis Kelcie, Jeremy Maclin and Spencer Ware. They also contain one of the best defenses in the league as well, so what is the problem with Alex Smith being under center for the Chiefs?

Smith is capable of leading a team to the playoffs, but he is not the guy that is going to get the best out of the talent that he is surrounded with. I have witnessed on numerous occasions; Smith, not being able to bring his team back from massive deficits. The Chiefs have the personnel on offense to come from behind in ball games, but with Smith at the helm, it will never come to pass.

Even if the Chiefs sign Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey during the free agency period, I still believe that the Chiefs offense will still be stagnant at best. The team may need a quarterback that is capable of throwing the football deep to playmakers such as Jeremy Maclin and allow to take some of the pressure off of their stout defense.

Potential quarterbacks that the Chiefs will probably look at during the offseason are Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, and Jimmy Garropolo. They can look at selecting one in this year’s NFL Draft. In regards to the draft, their’s not a lot available when it comes to finding a signal caller that is on a level such as Andrew Luck or Peyton Manning when they were coming out of college.

But I believe that if the Chiefs were to draft a quarterback and expect him to start in year one, they would be taking a huge step back in regards to contending for a Super Bowl Title. The Chiefs are built to win right now; they do not have the time wait on the development of an inexperienced rookie.

Their best shot at upgrading at the quarterback position is by acquiring one through free agency. As for right now, the Chiefs season is over, head coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey needs to consider if Alex Smith is competent enough to lead the Chiefs to a Super Bowl Title because right now the team has hit their ceiling with Smith under center.


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