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Gridiron Fanatic.Net Top 6 2015 NFL Draft Prospects

Top Six NFL Draft Prospects Post-Combine

Now that the NFL Combine is officially in the books, people are starting to understand how this upcoming draft will play out. There are still weeks between now and the actual 2015 NFL draft, but some of the top prospects probably will not change all that much. Here is a look at the current top 6 options right now.

Leonard Williams: It seems very unlikely that Williams will be the number 1 overall pick, but that has more to do with needs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers instead of his talent. There are a lot who think that the defensive tackle is going to be a star at the NFL level. He can play in a number of different defensive schemes, and he has the size to be dominant right away.

Jameis Winston: No player is going to be more scrutinized more between now and the NFL Draft than Winston. A lot of people feel like he is the most talented quarterback, and obviously Tampa Bay will be looking for one with the number 1 overall pick. Do not be surprised if he hears his name announced to kickoff the draft.

Brandon Scherff: Offensive guards in the NFL might not get the credit they deserve, but teams know that they are very important in order to put together winning franchises. After having quite a bit of success at Iowa, Scherff should be able to step right in this year as well.

Amari Cooper: As a finalist for the Heisman Trophy, Cooper was obviously able to have quite a bit of success with Alabama as a wide receiver this past year. There are some talented guys in this draft, but after having an impressive combine, he is probably the top option as far as pass catchers are concerned.

Dante Fowler: There are a lot of talented pass rushers in this upcoming draft, and Fowler as as much potential as anyone. He is a very solid body already, and he should be able to be drafted fairly early on depending on team needs.

Marcus Mariota: If he lands in a place where the owner and fan base is patient he can succeed. The only way he can have success in his first year is if Chip Kelly and the Eagles move up in the draft to get him. Other than that he needs to set for a year and learn the ins and outs of a pro style offense.

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