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Gridiron Fanatic.Net Top 15 Rosters in the NFL Countdown: No.7

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos followed the paths of the 00 Baltimore Ravens and the 03 Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win a Super Bowl title. Both of those franchises that I mentioned had tons of talent on the defensive side of the ball but struggled at times to generate offensive production. However, in spite of their issues on offense, the Bucs and Ravens were able to win a World Championship.

The personnel on the Denver Broncos roster were able to provide Peyton Manning something that he has never had in his Hall of Fame career, which is a defense that was more than capable of changing the outcome of a football game at a moment’s notice.

Last season there were many occasions when Peyton Manning was not on his A-Game, and the Broncos defense had to show up and take over the ball game. The Broncos lost a few pieces from their Super Bowl winning defense due to free agency, but I still believe that they could be in the conversation as a premier threat in the AFC.

Key Personnel On the Broncos Roster

Offense:                                                             Defense

C.J. Anderson: RB                                        Von Miller: OLB

Demaryius Thomas: WR                            Aqib Talib: CB

Emmanuel Sanders: WR                          Chris Harris Jr. CB

Ronnie Hillman: RB                                   DeMarcus Ware: DE

Mark Sanchez: QB                                     T.J. Ward: SS

Russell Okung: T                                        Brandon Marshall: LB

Derrick Wolfe: DE


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