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Gridiron Fanatic.Net Top 15 Rosters in the NFL Countdown: No 15

Jacksonville Jaguars

Today, Gridiron Fanatic will begin a series titled, Gridiron Fanatic.Net Top 15 Rosters in the NFL Countdown. We will list which teams have the best rosters in the league from top to bottom and both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. Today we will begin our countdown at number 15.

If there is one team everyone is expecting to contend for at least a playoff spot in 2016, it is the Jacksonville Jaguars. This team is loaded with explosive young talent on both sides of the ball. Around the end of last season, we saw how dangerous the Jaguars could be when they can play up to their full potential.

They have two dynamic wide receivers in Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. Both receivers combined for a total of 24 receiving touchdowns last season. Along with the firepower on offense, the team also has the potential to have a great defense this season as well.

The Jaguars drafted talented cornerback Jalen Ramsey out of Florida State University, in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. If Ramsey and last year’s first-round selection Donte Fowler can stay healthy and have an impact on the Jaguars defense, this team could become a serious threat to both the Houston Texans and the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC South.

Key Members of the Jacksonville Jaguars Roster

Offense                                                         Defense

1. Blake Bortles: QB                                1. Malik Jackson: DE

2. Allen Robinson: WR                           2. Jalen Ramsey: CB

3. Allen Hurns: WR                                 3. Dan Skuta: LB

4. Chris Ivory: RB                                    4. Donte Fowler: DE

5. Denard Robinson: RB                        5. Ryan Davis: DE

6. T.J. Yeldon: RB

7. Julius Thomas: TE

8. Luke Joeckel: OT


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