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Gridiron Fanatic.Net Top 15 Rosters in the NFL Countdown: No.14

Houston Texans


The perception that the Houston Texans won the AFC South due to the season ending injury of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is debatable. However, the Texans roster is loaded and is more than capable of knocking off the Colts for the division title once again.

The analyst is quick to say that the Texans won the division because and Andrew Luck’s injury and the Colts failure to meet high expectations, but you have to give them credit for winning the division without a legitimate option at the quarterback position.

Wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins finished third in the league with 111 receptions and 1,521 receiving yards in 2015. Those are some impressive numbers for a wide receiver that had about four different quarterbacks threw the football to him in 2015. On the defensive side of the ball, defensive end J.J. Watt had another huge year in the statistics department.

Watt finished the 2015 campaign with 17.5 sacks and three forced fumbles. Watt and the Texans defense played a huge role in the team winning the AFC South last season. In 2016, the team will be getting some help from the offensive side of the ball.

During the free agency period, the team signed free agent quarterback Brock Osweiler, who was supposed the heir apparent to the great Peyton Manning in Denver. Osweiler could be the final piece that this team needs to go a step further in the postseason.


Key Members of the Houston Texans Roster

Offense                                                   Defense

Brock Osweiler: QB                            J.J. Watt: DE

DeAndre Hopkins: WR                      Brian Cushing: MLB

Lamar Miller: RB                                Vince Wilfork: DT

Will Fuller: WR                                    Jonathan Joseph: CB

Alfred Blue: RB                                   Jadeveon Clowney: OLB



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