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Gridiron Fanatic.Net 2015 Season Predictions: NFC West

Seahawks 13-3

Cardinals  11-5

Rams         9-7

49ers         8-8

Division Winner: Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks: 13-3

After failing to take home their second Super Bowl title, the Seattle Seahawks will be motivated to make another run at winning the big game. During the off-season, the Seahawks added another weapon to their arsenal, at tight end Jimmy Graham. Graham’s presence on offense will take the Seahawks offense to a whole nother level. Just because Graham is on the Seahawks roster, does not mean that they will break NFL records on offense this season.

This team will remain one of the nastiest ball clubs in the league. The Seahawks first eight games will not be cupcakes, however; I expect them to weather the storm and become the no one seed in the NFC for the third consecutive season.


Cardinals: 11-5

Last season the Arizona Cardinals were on their way to becoming the top seed in the NFC. All of that would change when quarterback Carson Palmer went down with a season-ending injury. Palmer suffered a torn ACL against the St. Louis Rams. However, the Cardinals would still make the playoffs, despite not having a solid starter at the quarterback position.

Barring an injury to one of their core players, we will finally get to see what the Cardinals look like at full strength. My prediction for this ball club is that they will make the playoffs in 2015. Even though it’s the first game of the season, their home opener against the New Orleans Saints will tell us a lot about the Cardinals.


Rams: 9-7

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher finally decided to pull the plug on the Sam Bradford experiment in St. Louis. The Rams traded Bradford to the Philadelphia Eagles in return for quarterback Nick Foles. To go along with the trade, the Rams received a fourth-round pick in 2015 and a second-round pick in 2016. Nick Foles was on his way to becoming a premier passer in the National Football League.

Foles missed the rest of the season when he suffered a broken collarbone against the Houston Texans. With the St. Louis Rams, Foles will be given a second chance to prove that he can lead a team to the promised land. My prediction for the St. Louis Rams is that they will contend for a playoff spot in 2015.  If head coach Jeff Fisher fails to lead the Rams to the postseason, he could become a prime candidate for “Black Monday” 2016.


49ers: 8-8

After three years of dominating the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers failed to make the playoffs for the first time in the Jim Harbaugh Era. The 49ers organization and Jim Harbaugh decided to part ways at the end of the 2014 season.They decided to hire defensive line coach Jim Tomsula. A lot of football analyst around the country, have serious doubts about the Niners hiring Tomsula. Before we judge what type of coach Tomsula will be in 2015, let’s see him win some football games first.

Once again quarterback Colin Kaepernick will have a plethora of weapons on offense. Even though they lost running back Frank Gore to the Indianapolis Colts, I believe Carlos Hyde will show up big in times of need. They will also have players that are capable of coming up with big plays in wide receiver Torrey Smith and running back Reggie Bush. I am not saying that the 49ers will make the playoffs, but I believe that they will be better than what most people think they will be in 2015.

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