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Falcons VS Cowboys: Game of the Week Prediction

Falcons    27

Cowboys  20

This Sunday the Dallas Cowboys will take on the resurgent Atlanta Falcons in a matchup that looks to have an exciting finish. The Falcons will try to take advantage of a Cowboys team that does not have its best players on offense such as Dez Bryant and Tony Romo. Romo’s replacement, quarterback Brandon Weeden must establish a rapport with wide receivers Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley.

Also, do not forget about Tony Romo’s best friend, tight end Jason Witten. They will need all of those pieces to be clicking on all cylinders this Sunday against the Falcons. The Cowboys opponent the Atlanta Falcons have regained their confidence on the defensive side of the ball as of right now. So far they have been successful against rushing attacks that were projected to be the best in the league right now.

Now, they must shut down a potential two-headed monster in Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle. The Falcons must also take advantage of the Cowboys weak secondary as well. They have the perfect weapon to accomplish that in wide receiver Julio Jones. The Falcons must put away the Cowboys earlier in this matchup, if not they could be in for 60-minute slugfest down in Arlington, Texas.

However; the possible game changer for the Cowboys in this contest is that Falcons have a fragile offensive line. The offensive line is a critical part of a quarterback’s success in the National Football League. The Falcons subpar o-line could make the Cowboys front four look superior this Sunday. The Cowboys must also establish a rushing attack in this contest with either Joseph Randle or Darren McFadden in this ball game.

If Weeden cannot get the ball down the field to Terrance Williams, his next best option is to establish the running game throughout the entirety of this contest. My prediction for this ball game is that the Cowboys will attempt a late rally in the fourth quarter, however; I believe that the Atlanta Falcons will pull away in the end. If Romo were healthy, it would be a different story. Right now the Falcons are the better team.


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