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Demaryius Thomas Needs to Come Off the Milk Carton at Super Bowl 50

One of the Denver Broncos premier weapons on offense has been missing in action for the last couple of weeks during the Broncos push towards the Super Bowl. The weapon that I am talking about is a wide receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

In last week’s victory over the New England Patriots, Thomas had only two receptions for twelve yards and no touchdown receptions. If the Broncos want to have some success in the passing game against the Carolina Panthers at Super Bowl 50, Thomas’s face must come off the milk carton.

Two catches for only twelve yards will not cut it against the vaunted Panthers defense. I understand that Peyton Manning is not what he used to be, but if he can successfully deliver the football to Thomas promptly, the Broncos chances of winning the Super Bowl increases.

The Panthers only have one elite cornerback on their roster in Pro Bowler Josh Norman. Norman is a premier defensive back in the league, but he has been taken to task by some of the game’s best receivers. Thomas does not have to have over 180 yards receiving in the Super Bowl to be successful; he just needs to make crucial plays extend drives against Carolina.

Football analyst around the league continues to make remarks such as “All Peyton needs to do is do not turn the football over.” Those types of statements are correct, but in a game of this magnitude, Manning must take some chances throwing down the field. If a 36-year-old Drew Brees can have some success against the Panthers secondary, Manning can also do the same.

Thomas is very familiar with playing in the Super Bowl, in his last appearance, D.T. was on the receiving end of a 43-8 beatdown by the Seattle Seahawks at Super Bowl XLVIII. In that matchup, Thomas’s numbers were thirteen receptions for 118 yards and one touchdown score.

However; those numbers were put up during clean up time against the Seahawks. Fast forward to 2016 and Thomas will be facing another physical defense in the Carolina Panthers.

He will most likely be going up against Panthers star cornerback Josh Norman. If Demaryius Thomas can overcome Norman’s trash talking, he will indeed have some success in Super Bowl 50. If not, the Broncos could be in serious trouble in the big game on Feb 7th, 2016.

Believe it or not, but the Broncos offense has the personnel on offense that is capable of doing serious damage at Super Bowl 50. If they can get Demaryius Thomas going in the passing game, it will open up other opportunities for weapons such as Emmanuel Sanders and Owen Daniels.

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