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Cowboys vs Steelers: Game of the Week Prediction













Cowboys 28

Steelers  31


Two of the NFL’s iconic franchises will face each other tomorrow evening when the Dallas Cowboys take on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both franchises have 11 Super Bowl Titles between the two of them. The Steelers come into this matchup with a record of 4-4 after starting off the season on a sour note. On a weekly basis, you never know which Steeler team you will see when they face their opponent.

They must get running back Le’Veon Bell involved this football game if they want to leave Heinz Field with a victory against the Cowboys this Sunday. Bell has no rushing touchdowns in 2016. Another player that is off to sluggish start this season is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben is coming off a torn meniscus injury that he suffered in the Week 6 loss against the Miami Dolphins.

If there is any quarterback, that can get his team back on track it is Ben Roethlisberger. He is no stranger to what is going on with the Steelers right now. The team was in a familiar situation last year, however; many experts thought that the Steelers would have a better record than what they have right now. As for me, I choose the Steelers to represent the AFC in Super Bowl LI this season.

So far I have not changed my pick in spite of the success that the Oakland Raiders in the New England Patriots are having right now. I still believe that this team is capable of beating both football teams that I mentioned, but they will not be able to pull it off with the way that they have performed in games this season. The Steelers opponent, the Dallas Cowboys, are off to one of their best starts in franchise history.

The team has not been to these heights since the days of when the great Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin wore the Cowboys uniform. They have the same formula that made them successful back in the early 90s, which is run the football successfully behind a massive offensive line and make sound decisions in the passing game.

So far their defense has done an exceptional job against opposing offenses this season. However, they have not faced the firepower that the Steelers are capable of having in their arsenal. Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown could have a huge game facing the Cowboys secondary.

The Cowboys are currently ranked 15th in pass defense, which is isn’t bad, but not great either. My prediction for this game is that the Cowboys will give the Steelers a tough challenge, but I believe that Pittsburgh will walk away victorious. The Cowboys will make the playoff this season, but they are bound to lose another football game.

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